Poly V Pulleys


  • Compact Drive – Poly V Belt Pulley can be used with smaller pulley diameters to give a lighter and compact drive
  • Single Belt – Always a single belt is used which avoids any problems arising out of length differences and single belt can drive several accessories
  • Reduced Diameter – Diameter up to 9mm with the “H” profile, compare to 50mm with V belts
  • Reduced Belt Width & Length – Belt width & length can be reduced for a given geometry and the same power transfer
  • Reduce Consumption – It reduces consumption due to higher output
  • Higher Power – In compare to conventional V-belt pulleys, it consumes 40% high electric power per unit
  • Zero Slippage – It eliminates slippage due to maximum wedge contact on the pulleys
  • Higher Bearing Life – It gives higher life to bearings due to lesser static tension


  • Engineering
  • Refrigeration Systems
  • Food Processing Machinery
  • Roller Conveyor
  • Constructions
  • Agriculture & Gardening
  • Power Generation


Poly V Pulley transmits high torque by touching its multiple pulley grooves with belt rib edges. It is good for High Power Transmission, Compactness, Low operating cost, and monoblock designs. Our Poly V Pulleys are running well day & night without any disturbances and perform beyond expectation. In addition, our offered pulleys are examined to get assure about their quality. Our customers can buy these Poly V Pulley from us at pocket-friendly rates.