Aquapack Pressure Booster system


  • High efficiency: Minimized energy cost
  • Low NPSH: Improves suction capability
  • Air handling: Reduces risk of dry-running
  • Spacer coupling: Allows easy disassembly of the motor from pump (for 11 kW motor onwards)
  • Sleeve sealing : Provides high resistance to pressure pulses and withstands temperature
    fluctuations as well as external forces
  • Reinforced shaft: Strong axial locking force and high  torque lock system enable robustly
    and reliable operation of rotating assembly lock ring


Lubi Aquapack 1000 booster sets are designed for the transfer and pressure boosting of clean water for community water supply, apartment complex, hotels, hospitals, industries, commercial buildings, schools, etc.



Aquapack Pressure Booster system sets consist of 2 to 4 identical vertical multistage (LCR) pumps mounted in parallel on a common base frame, control cabinet with motor protection, and integrated LE 1000 series controller.

These pumps are automatically operated according to system requirement by means of pressure switches (one for each pump). The setting of the pressure switches has to be within the optimal performance area of each pump model. The automatic operation of one or more pumps with VFD control is optional.